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Process Guide

Purchasing Process

You can add the products that you want to buy by clicking ‘’Buy Now’’ button.

When the product add to your products, you will be directed to ‘’My Cart’’ page.

On ‘’My Cart’’ page, you will be come across with the page that you can see the added products and make changes about them. If you have a gift coupon, you can proceed your purchase with discount price by writing the gift coupon code to ‘’Gift Coupon’’ section.

If you wish, you can either turn to the main page and take a look at our other products by clicking ‘’Keep Shopping’’ button or you can proceed to the next step on your purchasing by clicking ‘’Complete the Order’’ button.

In the next step, if you become a member of our website before, you can proceed on your purchasing by entering your e-mail address and password to ‘’Member Login’’ section and clicking ‘’Login’’ button.

If you have never become a member to our website, you can become a member by clicking ‘’Sign In’’ button and entering your informations completely to Member Registeration. After entering your informations and clicking ‘’Save’’ button, an e-mail which contains activation code will be send to your saved e-mail.

You can proceed to your purchasing after the activation. If you wish, you can proceed to the next step by clicking ‘’Proceed as a Guest’’ button.

In the next step, you must completely fill Shipping Address and Invoice Address sections. After adding your address informations, you can proceed to Payment Informations page by accepting Preliminary Information Form and Distance Sales Contract.

Lastly, on Payment section, you can complete your purchasing by selecting payment method which is suitable to you. You can select debit card, credit card or money transfer methods. The informations that you enter on Payment section will be transmit to the bank safely with SSL Security Protocol.

When your payment is successful, your order is created and you are directed to the "My Orders" screen, where you can also see your order number.

Distance Sales Contract

The Distance Sales Contract regarding the shopping that you have made will be kept electronically by us and will be sent to your e-mail address after your order has been approved.

Privacy Rules Regarding Personal Data

The data that you share for purchasing a product is operated on the purpose of verifying the sales contract. Necessary technical measures are taken to the data you enter on our site is not accessed by third parties.

You can read the Clarification Text About Personal Data regarding the data you enter for shopping purposes.

In Case of Disputes

In disputes that may arise from the Distance Sales Contract; Consumer Problems Arbitration Committees in the BUYER or SELLER's settlement are authorized up to the value announced by the Ministry of Customs and Trade every year, and Consumer Courts are authorized in disputes over the said value. Where there is no Consumer Court, the Civil Court of First Instance is authorized.

What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure is a system developed by Visa and Mastercard in order to increase the security of shopping made with credit and debit cards on the Internet. During the payment process, the user is directed to the payment screen with 3D Secure offered by the cardholder bank, and at the same time, a confirmation code is sent to the mobile phone number of the cardholder registered in the bank. If this code is entered in the field specified on the 3D Secure screen and not approved, the payment will not be made.

Thanks to that, if ever the card number is known by someone else, because of the password sent to the cardholder, usage of the card by unauthorized people is being blocked.

Insured Shipping And Delivery

All the orders placed on are insured with the assurance of Brink's Logistics until the delivery stage.

Returns and Cancellations

You have the right to return the products you purchased on within 14 days from the date of delivery within the scope of the distance sales contract.

Cancellation requests cannot be made for products that are in the delivery phase or received, and a return request must be made after delivery.

For your cancellation or refund requests, you should contact our company via the address or the Whatsapp line on +90 530 097 86 96.

Click to review the return and cancellation conditions.

Privacy Policy

As, we respect your personal privacy rights and try to ensure this during your time on our site. The explanations regarding the security of your personal information are explained below and presented for you.

Save Files saves log files for statistical purposes just like many standart web servers. These files are contain standard informations such as your ip address, your internet service provider, your browser's features, your operating system, and your entry-exit pages to the site. Log files are never used for out of statistical purposes and do not violate your privacy. Your IP address and other informations are not associated with your personal informations.


The word of ‘’Cookie’’ is used for describing the text files which are the website server’s placed to your computer’s hard disk. At the some parts of our website, cookies used for ensuring ease of usage. Moreover, cookies and web beacons may be used to collect advertising data through advertisements on the site. This is happening entirely with your permission, and you can prevent this by changing the settings of your internet browser.


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