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Warranty Conditions

All products of NEV Jewellery are under maintenance guarantee so that your jewellery will look like as its first day and you can use it happily for many years. In order to protect your jewelry from external factors and to store it in the right conditions, we strongly recommend that you take a look at the "Product Care and User Guide" that comes with your product.


NEV Jewellery’s gold and diamond products are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase. Except for precious metals, materials such as semi-finished leather, steel, ebony are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase.


In order for your NEV Jewellery products to be under warranty, the invoices must be submitted together with the product, and the certificates must be submitted along with the invoice for diamond products. Products without an invoice and a diamond certificate, if any, will be excluded from the warranty.


The products will be out of warranty if a third party firm other than Nev Jewellery repair or measure the product.


Deformations determined as a result of user errors as a result of the appraisal evaluation and / or products that are used outside of the conditions of use, damaged due to storage conditions, damaged, or contacted with any chemical will be excluded from the warranty.


For products that are out of warranty due to usage errors, the necessary repairs are carried out in our own workshop, without any profit motive, in line with the demands of our customers.

If any additions and/or changes are to be made on the products that come for repair, this situation is first notified to the customer, and the appropriate action is taken after the customer's approval.


The measurements of the products you have purchased are done free of charge and the shipping costs that will occur in this process will be covered by us.


For all your questions about the warranty and terms of use, you can contact us at or on the Whatsapp line on +90 530 097 86 96.

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